Special Machines for Dedicated Work:


We are the preferred vendor for multiple companies for special machines. As clients products are improved and changes are made we compensate by revising or providing new equipment.


We enjoy working with the client during product development for effective use of: materials, tolerances and machines. We have found that working early with the client saves the client labor, materials and capital costs.

This is an example of a custom machine unloading blanks from a stamping press for an automotive manufacture.

This machine utilizes:

  • Two large Indramat servo motors electronically linked by PPC controller and belt drives.
  • Our machine matches contuinuous press operation by montering press resolver.  As press comes up to speed the unloaders match speed perfectly.
  • When press is stopped at end of cycle the unloaders automatically back out of the press window.
  • The operator uses a human machine interface (HMI) to control the transfer operation:
    • Height of the unloader to match different dies.
    • Unloader starting position in front of the die.
    • Distance the unloader travels into the die.  Up to 96 travel one direction each cycle.
    • Maximum strokes per minute, (SPM).  System is capable of up to 45 strokes per minute.  We automatically calculate maximum acceleration, travel speed and deceleration for the operator.  Press speed is normally determined by the capability of the operators being able to stack the blanks; about 25 SPM.
    • We also supplied the cylinder operated knockouts on the press.  Cylinder operation during a cycle is controlled by operator input on the HMI in order to discharge the product from the die at the proper time.
    • Each setting is stored in a recipe for many different parts.
    • Operator has full manual functions of each movement available in order to set up a new die or assist with maintenance. 
  • We supplied two systems for the two new blanking presses at the plant.  Each system has reliably been used over 10,000,000 cycles to date. 
  • The following U-Tube videos were taken in our shop and at clients plant.  In order to demonstrate and test the machine in our shop we use a press simulator machine that we constructed.

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