Church Accessibility Assistance:

Over the years we have helped some local churches make use of technology and access regulations by installing lifts and elevators in their buildings.

Many Churches have a need to have handicap and elderly people to access the sanctuary and other floors in the building.  Most Churches donít know where to start in the process.  Engineering, Codes, vendors, contractors and budgets are sometimes intimidating.   We like to help.

We design and build many commercial and industrial buildings for industry associated with equipment operations.  Our people work with State Building and Elevator Codes regularly.  Our involvement with construction, automation and electrical controls helps us to deal with elevator vendors and integrating construction.

We welcome the opportunity to be able to work with the Church members to give them a safe, reliable unit.  We will start by coming to your Church committee, Trustees  or Board and explain the process.  We enjoy helping.  Call us and we will be glad to come to your meeting at no charge.

These are examples of our work assisting other Churches: (Click on images to see a larger view)

We suggest:

  1. Having us come to discuss your needs and the process.
  2. Completing preliminary Design alternates locating the equipment for your building.  Some of the installations are inside the existing structure and sometimes there is a building bump  just outside the existing walls.
  3. We will work as your project manager, helping you with the design, negotiations, construction and installation of the complete system.  We enjoy seeing Church buildings accessible; we normally do this as a favor for the Church.
  4. The preliminary design drawing will be sufficient for us to receive estimates for construction and the elevator equipment.  You will now have documents.  Many Churches hang the drawing on the wall to show other members the project is taking shape.
  5. The Church can start an Elevator Fund.
  6. We will work on the detailed design for construction and specifying the equipment.
  7. As funds accumulate, many Churches decide to start construction and hold off on purchasing the elevator equipment until later.  When members see construction starting, many times the funds for equipment will be donated.
  8. Purchase and install the elevator equipment.
  9. Authorization by the State for occupancy and to use and operate.
  10. We will work with an elevator company for a continued maintenance agreement with the Church.




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