Assembly Machines for Generic Use:


Many times a client does not want to have a dedicated machine for a product if it can be ran on a generic machine with only a few fixture changes.


The one machine can accommodate model changes and product revisions. We have developed a standard product line for rotary and linear indexers.


We do supply steady speed assembly operations but index and dwell is the preferred method for many clients.


The benefit of our index and dwell machines is they can easily be programmed to pace the operators, improving production. You can also program the machine for operator initiated index.


Most rotary indexers are supplied standard with four or six positions. Five or more than six positions can be supplied upon request.


Most indexers operate on 11OV control voltage and plant air supply. We have supplied the air compressors for some indexers.


All indexers can be sized to meet your needs for product sizes and speeds. The linear indexer on our home page regularly operates at 18 strokes/minute.


Other options include: automatic gluing stations, height, lighting, etc.