Plant & Process Development Work:


Our primary purpose is to work on and from the proper design.

We would like to list some of our capabilities and recent projects:

  • We pride ourselves in working closely and acting as an extension of our clients people. We enjoy planning the implementation of new processes along with improving existing operations. We especially enjoy working on projects early in the concept stages though their implementation.

  • We utilize many engineering disciplines into our designs; from Structural and Mechanical to computer controls. Our offices are convenient and we regularly work on all shifts and holidays as needed. We try to be low key, pay attention to details and not be self-laudatory.

  • We do a lot of work for appliance manufactures and similar companies. We are very knowledgeable of new trends in project implementation. We will work with you and be a team player. We will satisfy your standards for: effectiveness, ISO requirements, return on investment, safety and insurance.

  • We are normally concerned with the process. We work with the client to make building revisions when the process requires a change or addition. We add new buildings, reinforce trusses and structural steel, add penthouses, connect buildings for conveyor access etc. Many times we will work on the design with the client. Then after the project is defined continue to work with the clients contractors. If the client prefers we will provide the equipment and installation ourselves.

  • A local plant has approximately 29 miles of conveyor. We have been working on what they call their Factory Master Plan. We have provided the designs for all the major material handling and facility changes in the past few years. This includes new processes, equipment and increased capability for many areas.

  • In addition to the process equipment we have provided the designs for the last 11 structural press pits that were located in the plant. (A press may weigh several hundred thousand pounds and the pit be 20 feet deep with scrap conveyors and other services.)

  • Many of the projects include developing dozens of alternates including; design drawings, pricing and presenting them in an organized fashion for management to evaluate and implement. We can provide a very quick turn around for these alternates and plant layouts for management to evaluate.

  • We are comfortable working on confidential projects and projects that require thorough team cooperation. We make sure to follow each project thorough completion and try to complement the contractors.

  • We provide design only services on some projects and provide complete turn-key systems on other projects. We are very comfortable and flexible working with you to the capacity that you desire.

  • We have full Project Management Capability. We are very used to executing around and during plant shutdowns.

  • We are the preferred design and build vendor for many clients and would be glad to have you contact them for references and we challenge you to do so.

  • If required we have our own field offices for on site work. We also have laptops for onsite CAD layouts.

  • We also design and build our own specialty machines for clients. We regularly work in multiple different states. We have our own field technicians that are more than capable with installation, wiring, plumbing, startup and trouble shooting on a variety of machines.

I trust that this document familiarizes you with our firm and you will contact us for further information. 



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