In Plant Hazardous Materials Containment and Pumping Systems:


We will provide standard equipment as shown in the picture or will customize for your particular needs.


Standard equipment includes:

  • Pumping cart for large amounts of liquid materials. The pumping equipment is self priming and is powered by compressed air. The system carries it's own compressed air supply and has been tested to pump over 1000 gallons of fluid over 10' of head without adding additional air form plant air or the onboard air compressor. Hoses are provided to connect to plant air supplies. Hoses and fittings are provided to pump from contaminated area to transporting totes. This is a very good system for cleaning, painting or coating operations. These units have been known to be used for lifting materials from dammed drains and from inside containment walls.

  • Pumping cart for smaller amounts of liquid or solids. This cart utilizes a vacuum systems and gains it's power from plant compressed air. The material is discharged directly into supplied drums.

  • Tote carts. Normally 300 gallon totes are provided. Totes can be easily removed from the carts for shipment and replaced with empty totes so they can be hulled to the spill area. The totes can also be transported to the spill area by adequate fork trucks.

  • Haz Mat equipment storage cart. This cart can be locked so the dedicated shovels, stop pigs, gloves, respirators and other equipment can available when they are needed.

  • Lifting hoist cart. This cart can easily be positioned over a hole for lowering or recovery operations.

  • Dedicated tugs for pulling the carts.



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