Message From the President:

I want to personally thank existing clients for their cooperation over the past 23 years. I also want to thank perspective clients visiting this site for considering us with your companies opportunities. Thanks to Associates and Vendors for making it possible.

I invite you to read our mission page and I remind you at we are dedicated to improving our clients. We gain our satisfaction from working on a project and realizing that the client is in net better condition after finishing the project than when we started.

We believe that we improve when the client is improved. We also believe that if we improve the client is improved.

I can honestly say that everyone at J.L. McGuire and Associates enjoys working and it shows.

Our primary purpose is to work on and from the proper design.

We would love to work on your; custom equipment, plant layouts and assist with your product processes. You don't have to have it figured out before we start. We would love to work on your opportunities that others might call problems. We have also helped many clients develop patents.

We are noted for developing alternate methods to complete the same tasks and logically helping you compare which alternate is best.

We can provide design only and we can help you implement the projects in the capacity of your choosing. We will complement your other contractors and vendors.

Most of our work is unique to the situation but we also provide standard equipment that many plants benefit.


Jim McGuire



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