The Fireman's Insulation Vacuum:  MODEL 9000

A Product of J. L. McGuire and Associates Inc.

Have you ever been on the fire scene and have a hot spot in or near an attic and something is smoldering in the blown-in insulation?

The attic is hard to access and it contains smoke.

It might be in an area near a chimney or above a light fixture. There may or may not be a problem in the attic but you need to make sure before you leave the scene.

The attic needs to be vented and the insulation removed until the problem is solved. The normal method is to pull down the ceiling with the messy insulation, cut vent holes in the roof, cut an opening in the end, and/or shovel with buckets in a confined area. This job is always a firefighter's and homeowner's dread.

We have developed, used, and have a patent pending on the "Fireman's Insulation Vac".

The unit is capable of:

  • Removing blown-in cellulose insulation from an attic or other areas.

  • Removing smoke so you can find it's origin.

  • Transferring or Blowing the insulation back into an area.

  • Other uses at fire scenes.

The unit is:

  • Self contained and ready to go to work.

  • Quiet in the attic area. It is easy to talk and discuss the situation while working in the attic area. The blower is loud but it is 50' from the area where the firemen are working.

  • Small enough so the hose can be easily manipulated in confined space areas.

  • Small enough to be stored as a complete unit on a truck or at the station.

  • Computer designed for as much vacuum and air transfer as practical with a 20 amp. 110 volt circuit.

  • Supplied with 100 feet of 2 " diameter hose; 50 feet of suction and 50 feet of pressure. The blower can easily be carried in one hand inside a building. The suction line should be positioned in the attic access hole and the pressure hose inserted into a bag for containment of the material. The hose can travel through doors or windows.

  • Supplied with (4) 75 cubic feet cloth bags. The bags are approximately 6 ft. diameter and 8 ft. long. The bags are designed to fit onto a pick-up truck. The bags are porous to contain the solid insulation and allow the air to escape. Some dust does escape with the air.

  • Not dusty where the insulation is being removed. When the insulation is being removed, the unit improves conditions by removing smoke, removing dust and removing the loose insulation. The unit is supplied complete with dust goggles and paper dust masts in the event that the problem is solved and you want to blow the insulation back into the attic.

  • Supplied complete with wheels to be operated like a two wheel cart. Under reasonable conditions one person can transport the unit to the scene, set-up and start using in less than two minutes.

  • Designed and constructed for very little familiarization or training required to operate. We want to make a point, not just a disclaimer. Firemen are competent. We believe this machine will assist firemen to do their job better. The machine is simple enough to operate so firemen can concentrate on assessing situations for danger. Like any machine it should not be depended on for life security.

  • Designed and constructed of materials that will not corrode and deteriorate. The housing is made of aluminum with stainless steel hardware. The blower is made of rugged cast aluminum. The hose is plastic, rugged and heat resistant. Rugged and heat resistant are relative terms. We tried over twenty different hoses from different manufactures. We concluded that all hoses burn and will crush. The higher temperature rating and/or more crush resistant a hose, the more expensive and less flexible it is. The material travels at a high velocity; A particle enters and discharges from the 100 ft. system in less than two seconds. We have tested the unit by cleaning up hot ashes from a camp type fire without damage to the blower or hose. The purpose of the system is not to remove the fire from the scene, the unit will remove a small amount of hot, smoldering insulation without damage. If damaged, the hose can be completely replaced for less than $200.

The unit has been designed and tested by a Professional Engineer who is also an active Volunteer Fireman. He saw a need and helped produce a product that is useful and affordable. We offer a money back guarantee for a complete refund if you are not satisfied during the first 30 days that you have the unit. We also welcome any criticism or suggestions that you may have. We will replace any component free of charge for a period of one year if it was not misused. The blower motor does have brushes and they will need to be replaced after approximately 400 hours of use; (we will replace the brushes free of charge, if needed in the first year).


We have been in business assisting industry for more than 18 years. We respect our clients and consider integrity an integral part of our business. We will do our best to satisfy you and it is our mission to continually improve the products and services that we provide. 




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